For over 30 years I have been acquainted with the production of high quality nippers for use in the fields of podiatry, pedicure and manicure.

Our cosmetic nippers are all handmade. Their ergonomic shapes and durability conform to the high specifications and performance required by the professional user in daily application.

We are able to guarantee quality handwork which is not possible to attain with automated production, owing to the considerable fluctuation of the forged blanks. Consequently we are able to fulfil special customer requests, like special nippers or quantities. Continual quality control conducted by our highly trained employees also plays a decisive role.

With more than 120 different models in production, we are able to offer a comprehensive range for diverse applications. We would be glad to send you a sample of our work. Convince yourself of the high quality of our products!
Yours sincerely     Wolfgang Knierim